• A Journey into Motherhood and our Feeding Friendly Dresses

    A Journey into Motherhood and our Feeding Friendly Dresses

    The history of Oak Meadow began when I was pregnant with my first child, and it’s amazing now, how years later we’ve grown to create a brand that truly embraces the cycle of transformation that a woman goes through in becoming a mother.
  • Our Love Soirée Celebration

    Our Love Soirée Celebration

    Sitting amongst my most dearest of friends, co-workers and muses, this was a true pinch me moment. This felt like the first true celebration, dedicating to the hard work that Oak meadow has achieved over the past four years. Lots of work pressures, hard days, following long nights and pretty frocks were well over due to be celebrated.We sat down for a love soiree...
  • Our artist muse ~ Sue Fenlon

    Our artist muse ~ Sue Fenlon

    As the seasons come and go, nature takes a path of its own. Magical arrays of colour fill the petals of surrounding flora, the bees sing to the sound of whistling winds, the leaves begin to crisp like crimson as the cooler months settle in. A natural transformation that inspires us all - through mind, body and spirit. Here at Oak Meadow, we are...
  • Insight into our print design

    Insight into our print design

    Flowers in full bloom, the petals reflecting iridescent hues and shades only a rainbow knows. The sweet scent of Gardenia fills the air. Mother Gaia and her seasons, inspiring colours across the land.  Inspiration can be sought from everywhere we look, experiences we encounter or memories we cherish over time. Here at Oak Meadow, we gain inspiration from the finest of details in life;...
  • Lolita by Lolita

    Lolita by Lolita

    The artist sat embracing the sunrise sipping her coffee, watching, as the waves lapped upon the shoreline. Lolita resides on the Sunshine Coast and we are excited to share with you the beautiful story of who Lolita truly is. Lolita's love of the simple pleasures life offers is perhaps what inspires her most. Dusks, dawns and the changing seasons all incite her passion for creativity....
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