Meet the beautiful Emmie Lou

Meet the beautiful Emmie Lou

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The heart of Oak Meadow is centred around working with artists from all over the world. Our fabric is uniquely intertwined to artisans and their stories are woven through each garment created! We admire artists from all walks of life and are so excited to connect and share our first featured story with Emmie Lou who is wearing our Rosamund Mini Dress! Our intention is to inspire our community to find the simple joy in creating art in the many shapes and forms throughout your daily life.

emmie lou painter

Born and raised British/French artist, Emmie Lou shares with us an inside peak into her life as a painter!

Growing up in Paris was the pivotal place that drew her closer to some of the world’s greatest masterpieces. Art was her chosen therapy amongst the upheaval of moving, learning a new language, and navigating new friendships. Her earliest memories included painting, sketching, drawing and sculpture which had led her to find her life’s calling!

“Each piece is a portal to an imaginary world where silhouetted figures are immersed into vibrant whimsical scenes” is the power of visualization that Emmie transcends into her work.

Each painting evokes feelings of dreamlike sequences that meet the European coast! She paints to awaken feelings of joy and to lift your spirit which each pop of colour so beautifully does! Renowned artist Matisse writes, “there are always flowers for those who want to see them” and Emmie has applied this mantra to her life as well as art! We have asked Emmie what some of her go-to tips are when it comes to tapping into your inner artist and have shared them below!

3 inspiring tips for painters

  1. Try and paint every day, even if it’s for 15 minutes. Maintaining that ritual of practise means that you are always in rhythm and in tune with your creativity.
  2. Making friends with other artists is a godsend, it can be such a lonely existence, having people you can talk to and understand you is a lifesaver!
  3. Give yourself the occasional digital detox, it’s amazing what ideas come to you once you put your devices down and pick up a book, visit a gallery, move your body, meditate...etc.

You can find more of Emmie’s story and beautiful artwork on her website as well as her instagram, @emmielouart