Celebrating the changing seasons

Celebrating the changing seasons

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One of the best parts about Oak Meadow is all the opportunities and relationships it has allowed me to develop over the years. To connect with like-minded people who are so inspirational and passionate about what they do is a true wonder and a very special quality to have. Recently the amazing Aysha from Kinfolk & Co and Jana, creative muse behind The Secret Kitchen recently gathered together to celebrate the change of seasons in the gorgeous late afternoon Spring sun. It was a magical setting in a paddock amongst an abundance of wild flowers.

kinfolk & co and the secret garden meet in daisy fields

Jana, a true wonder in the kitchen, made her delicious Brownies with Black sapote and Carrot Cake with Bunya Nuts which were inspired by the land that Jana is currently living on. A special tea was also made using blue lotus flowers and complimented the treats perfectly.

Everything was served on Kinfolk and Co’s beautifully handmade and locally crafted tableware. They both wore a selection of our beautiful Oak Meadow dresses with sweet hand printed flowers, which were ever so pretty and light- just like a breeze of the afternoons gentle spring wind. As the two created a moment of pure happiness and joy, we managed to snap a few photos to share with you all.

kinfolk & co plus the secret garden share a floral herbal tea

About Kinfolk & Co
Kinfolk and Co. was founded by creative Aysha Monticone, who set out to create a range of products that focus on craftsmanship and reflect the unique nature of the handmade process. Inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Northern NSW and a passion for good food, Kinfolk & Co is a collection of tableware and homewares designed to bring the art of food making back to its roots. The aim is to establish a connection between people and the process of creating a wholesome meal. Each and every piece in the collection is designed and handmade by local artisans, with an ethical, sustainable and ecological mindset.

How did Kinfolk and Co come to life?
Kinfolk and co was born out of a love of health, sustainability and design- these have always been my passions. I worked as an interior designer for many years then in my late twenties, my partner and young daughter decided to leave our jobs and travel the world. For approximately 2 years we lived a very simple life travelling in a camper van around Europe- immersing ourselves in nature and discovering and learning about other cultures.

During this time we decided to work for other families- exchanging a few hours of help in the garden for food and board. This experience changed our lives, we saw a completely new way of living in comparison to the way we were brought up. The families grew all their own vegetables, some of them were completely off the grid and had a wonderful connection to nature and living life in its purest form, away from any of the distractions of modern life.

From this experience we came back to Australia and began to bring some of these principles that we learnt into our own lives - growing our own food, living sustainability, ethically and supporting locally made products. I like to showcase designers and makers using traditional craft methods in inspiring ways to create objects for everyday use, that connect us to each other, and bring beauty into our homes. I am a strong believer in slow-design, mindful purchases and less consumption; in being connected to each other and the stories behind the goods we choose for our homes.

children playing in field wearing oak meadow clothing

How did The Secret Garden come to life?

I run The Secret Kitchen @Thesecret_kitchen , which is a passion art project involving naturopathy, plant based cooking, food as medicine, nature, senses, environment, botanicals, plants as medicine, all living organisms and immersing community.

My fascination with natural health began long before I spent many years studying it. As a child, growing up in the vibrant fields and mountains of Czech Republic, which were abundant with herbs and wildflowers, folk remedies and nature, I discovered the power of plant medicine and its healing properties and it has never left me since.

Fast forward to today, I have spent many years teaching people how to regain and reignite their health through my naturopathy clinics where I practise with Bioresonance - body natural life synergetics. – Currently located at the Herbal Wisdom Bangalow every Wednesday. Only a day as I’m a new mother and still feel like I should spent my time teaching my son about life and nature as a priority first.

beautiful tablewear by kinfolk & co

I have been faced with hundreds of patients who suffer from endless modalities- body dissatisfaction, disordered eating, confusion around eating, obsession with weight, obesity, anorexia and all because they have forgotten the ability to tune into their intrinsic knowledge of their own bodies and how to connect with the natural world and use it as a healing tool, as it has been done for thousands of years.

For this reason (and because of the persistent encouragement of my clients), I have decided to create “The Secret Kitchen Book Intuitive Eating” which will help you to understand how our bodies work together with the power of nature and its cycles. I would like this book to be an inspiration to shift us from rule based eating and living according to intuitive eating and then more authentic living. This book involves many senses such as touch, smell, sight, sound. The book humbly won a gold medal in NSW Creative print. It’s made all from recycled paper to follow the path of Nature as close as possible. It is printed locally ins small batches to support companies with the same vision as the book - Quality over quantity. Currently sold out but next reprint is scheduled for January.

“The Secret kitchen” has allowed me to meet many likeminded and inspiring people. I truly love listening all the stories behind conscious brands trying to make
difference. Not always easy but very rewarding.