Insight into our print design

Insight into our print design

Lolita by Lolita Reading Insight into our print design 2 minutes Next Our artist muse ~ Sue Fenlon

Flowers in full bloom, the petals reflecting iridescent hues and shades only a rainbow knows. The sweet scent of Gardenia fills the air. Mother Gaia and her seasons, inspiring colours across the land. 

Inspiration can be sought from everywhere we look, experiences we encounter or memories we cherish over time. Here at Oak Meadow, we gain inspiration from the finest of details in life; everything from nature’s treasures, vintage cloths and doilies, the changing of the seasons and camp fires on a cold winters night - we ensure that in each and every hand-illustrated design, that we capture the raw and unique beauty of our surroundings.

The core of Oak Meadow is designing quality and inspiring clothes to wear throughout the four seasons. So much time and effort goes into the illustrations and the colour scale, making each and every piece just a special as the next. Having our designs hand-drawn, means that we can offer one of a kind pieces that no other company can reproduce. Our pieces hold a personality of their own and give sense of belonging to the wild woman, capturing the true beauty from inside and out.

Every day, we are searching for new ways to interpret our perspectives of mother nature into our collections, as well as the left behind pieces of the past that give our clothes their vintage aspect. Time after time, it is always such a magical moment seeing our designs come to life and depicting exactly what we imagined - true beauty.

To see our designs worn by our beautiful customers year round is inspiring in itself and we are forever grateful to those that keep us alive. It is you wild woman, the untamed nightshades that climb the oak trees, the way the leaves fall in autumn and the scent of salty air after crashing turquoise waves, that serve a purpose in our creation process and continue to inspire our ever-growing label - ‘Oak Meadow’.


Thank you for taking the time to read our journal and hear our story.


Much Love, Oak Meadow xx