Lolita by Lolita

Lolita by Lolita

The artist sat embracing the sunrise sipping her coffee, watching, as the waves lapped upon the shoreline. Lolita resides on the Sunshine Coast and we are excited to share with you the beautiful story of who Lolita truly is.

lolita painting ceramics on the sunshine coast

Lolita's love of the simple pleasures life offers is perhaps what inspires her most. Dusks, dawns and the changing seasons all incite her passion for creativity. Her love of ceramics began in primary school and clay has remained Lolita's preferred medium.

In 2018 Lolita developed a YouTube channel dedicated to wholesome cooking. It was here Lolita was able to showcase her talent combining cooking and ceramics, each dish served in a ceramic bowl.

lolitas ceramic cups and bowls

Lolita's work is best described as a splendid detailed collection of pastel hues, fun and eclectic pieces. Her crafts provide the perfect conversation starter and are an ideal gift for friends. To hold a handcrafted piece made uniquely and with love brings great joy.

I first discovered Lolita's work on Valentines Day when I saw one of her mugs on Pinterest. Lolita's collection is small and made very intuitive. To her astonishment the Valentines release saw Lolita's strawberry plates and love heart mugs sell out in just minutes. I am so excited to see Lolita's next collection launch

Lolita's work is truly inspirational and her creativity takes me back to my roots. Her coffee mug reminds me of simple joys that come with nature and spirituality.

When creative juices flow it can be so easy to be inspired by flowers, music, photos - just about anything really. I can truly relate to Lolita personally and anyone that knows me would vouch how much I adore my sunrises, my coffee in my favourite mug and to enjoy the simple moments that life has to offer.