Oak Meadow Hits The Road ~ Part 2

Oak Meadow Hits The Road ~ Part 2

Oak Meadow Kids Hits The Road

 Part 2



Boomerang Beach and The Fish Bone

We arrived at Boomerang beach, just after Forster NSW. One morning bright and early Sam had a surf and had decided to go for a spearfish - as we had reached our strict weekly budget and thought he’d try his luck at catching dinner!  He was in luck and caught us a beautiful fish we would share.
We hit the road again and headed for the mystical seal rocks - mystical it was, this place is something else! 
The short story of it was that Sam was eating the fish and got a fish bone lodged in his throat. We had met two lovely couples who were sleeping in the car park also , they really helped us in this situation. 
It was effecting his breathing so we headed for the hospital fast. 22 long hours until it was removed! Poor Sam refers this as the finest hours of his life … Haha. We had arrived at Taree hospital for the surgery and just as they prepared him they said one doctor changed his mind as it was too risky and that he was to be transferred to Newcastle in an ambulance. 
Off he went with a lot of morphine and I was left to drive the bus with both kids. This was a first for me as I’d never driven it before so I was nervous. Turns out I nailed it! What an accomplishment... When Sam got to Newcastle they had two doctors that used extra long tools to pull the bone out. Sam said he almost passed out from the relief. 
What a great bloody hospital and amazing doctors !!! 
We kept the bone of course.





Avalon was beautiful. A nostalgic experience for me with a merged likeness to Byron Bay and The Greek Islands - go figure. We enjoyed the array of adorable nook cafes and stunning homes that line the streets as well as the beautiful swimming pools and good surf! 
We found parking a large expense being upwards of $58 a day, so it was a must that we found a free parking spot aside the beautiful bay. We managed to get some serious work done here. It's been a juggle on the road with the business so finding a spot where we can get it all done efficiently is key!
With the business growing as much as it has been we are running out of room on the bus with all the stock (not a bad issue to have ;)). Though keeping in control has been primary focus.
Having Sam on board to respond to emails, pack orders etc has been incredible while I manage the Social platforms has been an incredible help - love him for it. 
We have two post days being Mondays and Thursdays where I spend roughly 2-4 hours getting it all done. I still have to pinch myself that my professional passion and family life has merged so perfectly and I am living my actual dream :). 
Apart from everything running smoothly whilst in Avalon, our only hiccup was little Oakie splitting open his toe, down to the bone the poor love. He was out of the ocean for 10 days - if anyone knows little Oakie this was torture for him! 



We decided to take a visit to Berry, NSW has we have family there. Sam's dad grew up here with these beautiful people - we absolutely adore them. They run an Air bnb on this epic property !!! I felt as though I could live here forever... Home made scones, horses, open fires and rivers. 
Berry is also home to incredible wine, cheese and fresh produce - it was a beautiful visit.
From Berry we went onwards to places like Bendalong, Ulladulla, South Durras, Burmagui, Broulee ( we loved Broulee ) great surf . 
After these beautiful spots we headed straight to Melbourne before we headed to Tassie. Melbourne for us was intense and busy, we bounced around Sorrento and went to the strawberry farm for Soli's first birthday ... <3.

We love Australia, for its vast and wild beauty where the deep blue oceans meet the rich lands.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog, Oak Meadows does Tasmania <3.



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