Oak Meadow Hits the Road ~ Part 1

Oak Meadow Hits the Road ~ Part 1


Oak Meadow Kids Hits The Road

 Part 1

"Sam and I left everything behind to start a new life.

Not a new life but a new journey."


There’s a certain feeling that can hardly be described that comes with taking to the road - family and business in tow. So far the ride has been both epic and off the beaten path and we want to share it all with you - the amazing, the challenging, the breathtaking and the discovery in both the places revisited and new. 

 Sam and I left everything behind to start a new life , not a new life but a new journey. Endless adventures till we crave routine again in a nutshell. We have created a life where the world is our oyster, dreaming to sleep by the ocean and chase adventure. 

 We are navigating as we go, the challenges with caravan parks, as we have a dog and most are unfortunately not dog friendly, this makes it's tough but Django is all worth it ;).

I'd like to share with you some magical spots we have camped up/visited without hassle and safe with two kids under 3 years.





We hit the road in our ocean themed bus late December 2018 with Tasmania plans in place for early Feb. With a quick dash down the East Coast we revisited with our boys some of our most treasured spots where treasured memories were made for Sam and I. Green Point, Angourie NSW, particularly holds a very special place in our hearts - A favourite surf spot, Our first kelpies' favourite rock pools, our first date, a during pregnancy weekend getaway location and many years of family holidays, so we wanted to share this with our kids <3. Nostalgia is such a gift to share with your little loves.

 On a side note, Australia is adept with free camping locations if your well researched - The ranger will come knocking in Angourie if your free camping where you shouldn’t be like us ;). 






Brooms Head

After a few days revisiting Angourie we decided to move onto another of our favourite locations - Brooms Head! 

 There's an epic day parking spot at brooms head, we park and set up for the day.  At nightfall we nestled in at the headland where we enjoyed sunset dinner and the kids soundly sleep.

 Packing up and down comes often with ‘free camping’ in a bus, but when your in a stunning location with ocean views and you wake up with hardly a soul in sight it’s pretty magical. 



 A Few Hiccups 

After a few days in Brooms we continued on to beautiful places like Woolgoolga and Sawtell, and soon after ending up stuck in Coffs Harbour for a week. Our bus has had a few issues, resulting in us having to stay in town on the mechanics grounds and sleep in the bus. It’s comical but this bus is literally our home and without it we feel so lost. We've become very attached to our home on wheels and so have the kids. 

 Before we knew it we were back on the road visiting Valla Beach and Scott's head where free camping is easy and the beaches are stunning!



South West Rocks

 We are huge seafood lovers, it’s something we find great pleasure in so we highly recommend making a pitstop to the local oyster shack on your way into South West Rocks. The oysters are fresh, incredible and we paid $15 for a dozen and a half!

 As a family we don't each much meat unless we are supporting a small town butcher, we respect farmers and love to support them as much as we can - especially in these challenging times. 

 We found South West Rocks very relaxed, and catered to kids very well (we found the best playgrounds here!). There is a large beautiful board walk we recommend and great coffee stops throughout the town. With a relaxed nature and positive energy where the locals are extremely friendly we highly recommend this destination for safe and stunning areas for the kids to play and dog friendly beaches which make for a well catered location.




A Little Hiccup and A Visit To Camden Head

 We found ourselves with another little technical problem resulting in a visit to Port Macquarie for a new inverter. This is what keeps my printer and laptop active so it’s imperative for oak meadow kids.

 Once sorted we spent a few nights at Camden Head. If you haven't been there , my gosh do yourself a favour - its so beautiful!  Abundant with nature and what feels like endless rock pools for the kids to hunt for treasure. Here you will find plenty of fish and starfish and you can sleep in the beach carpark hassle free. Its safe for the kids with plenty of grass and clean toilets. 

 Sam got some spearfishing in here  (something that always freaks me out a little) . We’ve both grown up around the ocean appreciating the surf and nature and wildlife but it always gets me nervous when Sam goes out to spearfish even though I know he has experience and a knife if needed. 


With his deep love for the ocean I am so incredibly proud he can provide us with fresh fish caught using his own hands mindfully and respectfully teaching the boys to have a mutual respect for the land and sea and appreciating all that it provides for us. Bringing a love and positive practice around food in our family thats both educating and mindful is very important in our family life and being on the road like this has given us the opportunity to further delve into this with our children <3.


 Watch out for Part 2 next week!