Nathalie Lete's inspirational flower house

Nathalie Lete's inspirational flower house

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Inspiration is everywhere, you simply need to open your eyes and you can fill your world with magic, love and a positive energy that leaves you feeling content all day long.

I have always been drawn to the beauty in the natural world…the salty, sun-kissed days spent frolicking at the beach with my boys and the long winding walks in fields filled with blooming flowers and tall grass. Natural colours and conscious design are at the heart of Oak Meadow, but what truly captures my heart, are the amazing florals Mother Earth provides. Every flower I see, the smell and delicate touch inspire me of to create a garment that will truly make you feel free and at one with nature.

nathalie lete flower house

I recently stumbled across the work of a beautiful bohemian French artist by the name of Nathalie Lété that I had to let you all know about. Nathalie is a French artist who mixes different techniques and mediums, illustration, ceramics, textile and painting to create fabulously unique designs and her latest works of art left me speechless, which is something I strive to achieve through each Oak Meadow design.

One day Nathalie decided to paint a mixture fantastically whimsical garden florals throughout her home in the French countryside. It first started out at just one room, but then quickly grew into the entire house, transforming her abode into an imaginary garden paradise. I could only dream of such a beautiful home to live in. To wake up everyday and be surrounded by such beauty and inspiration…amazing.

nathalie letes french countryside house

Each morning when I wake to pack your orders, it feels as though I am surrounded by a similar beauty to Nathalies home. I feel the warmth and love each of you give by supporting Oak Meadow. It’s like I am back in the countryside, living of the land and walking through fantastical fields of flowers and I cannot thank you all enough.

You can find more of Nathalie’s beautiful artwork on her website as well as her instagram, @nathalie_lete