Our Love Soirée Celebration

Our Love Soirée Celebration

Love Soiree Lunch

Sitting amongst my most dearest of friends, co-workers and muses, this was a true pinch me moment. This felt like the first true celebration, dedicating to the hard work that Oak meadow has achieved over the past four years. Lots of work pressures, hard days, following long nights and pretty frocks were well over due to be celebrated.

We sat down for a love soiree lunch to connect with each other under the warm sunlight and the beautiful tree of life. Catching rays of beauty and honouring how far we have come.

Along with our newly launched spring collection ‘Love soiree’, this has been by far the hardest and most adored collection we have released to date and I am so grateful for my incredible team and friends who always support me throughout this journey.

We had our spring lunch at Fridas Field in Nashua, truly a must go to place! Its incredible food is out of this world, not to mention the flowers surrounding that instantly set the mood. Fridas field truly celebrates the seasons along with their ecological practices.

They offer long lunches every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to the public and I highly recommend this to reconnect with loved ones, friends and most of all nature.

I also want to take this time to thank all who are in our Oak meadow community, our customers who continue to drive me, inspire me and most of all support me, thank you! I stand by the fact that Oak would not exist without your love, support and kindness!

Love Soiree Oak Meadow Lunch

Growing a heart filled brand has been an interesting and most of all, rewarding experience that will forever hold a special place within me and I promise to deliver the best quality of garments, listen to your dreamy recommendations and implement them into collections to the best of my ability.

Spring is about a new season, a new chapter, new feelings and emotions. I designed ‘Love soiree’ around following one’s inner intuition. Life has thrown many obstacles at me recently, and I lead with my always loving heart and stayed true to myself. Sometimes those paths can get foggy, especially when dealing in times of stress and uncertainty. But without doubts, I looked within, choosing to take the unexpected path, different to anything that my mind normally gravitates towards and really went with it.

Within your heart is always the right answer, there is never a right or wrong but I truly believe if you lead with your heart then you will find strength that lies within you.

Oak Meadow Love Soiree Lunch Celebration

I am finding now more than ever, to search for beauty and happiness deep within the present moments rather than focusing on the current uncertainty in the world. Just like, the present moments of a feeling when the sunshine beams bright, moments of a flower smelling like love, moments of my children belly laughing, a beautiful message from an Oak meadow customer adoring their garment and feeling the true beauty within just from a single dress we have worked so hard on to design. These are the things that make me feel happy!
Which comes back to Oak meadow and how I truly believe that my team and I design not just garments, but feelings. We’re bringing happiness from our hearts straight into yours, embracing you as you are, your natural self, no thinking required, effortless, and in hope that when you wear Oak Meadow, you feel the best version of yourself, inspired and most of all beautiful!

I love you all dearly, love Madeleine xo

Love Soiree Oak Meadow
Love Soiree Oak Meadow Celebration Lunch