Thank you for taking the time to read my journal entry. Between the chaos of running a  business, kids, and everything in between, it's actually really nice to sit down and write something from the heart.

Wildflowers is finally out and into the Oak Meadow world and what a SUCCESS it's been!! I am so blown away with your support, sales, love and of course photos already.

You truly are my inspiration and what keeps me going and pushing to be even more diverse with our shapes and prints. 

Wildflowers has been a HUGE making, a very big process of samples, trial and error, prints gone wrong, styles not working, photos not being perfect and also the challenges we have faced as a small business in such a hard time.


The economy is going through such a big shift since covid and adjusting our small business to the new challenges we face each week has been very challenging. As a small fashion brand we have had to come together more than ever to connect, support and inspire each other - I'm so lucky I have the best staff in the WORLD :) 

Oak Meadow is my true dream job that I never imagined would blossom into something full time and the truth is running a small business is hard, it's not easy, running any business is not easy in fact! I am self taught, I did not study fashion, I did not study finance or business operations, i'm simply just a mother of two, a wife, a friend and a passionate soul who loves colour and connections! 

I feel BEYOND grateful for the opportunity to design, and offer beautiful pieces for your wardrobe and everyday you INSPIRE me! Thank you for always sharing your feedback with me, your moments and most of all inspiring me with all your LOVE!

WILDFLOWERS really holds a story, a story of strength, love and most of all a time to bring JOY into the wardrobes and lives of you! 
I want you to feel connected, inspired and excited every time you reach for your Oak Meadow piece from any season, but wildflowers is extra special, and that is because of the blood, sweat and tears that has gone into this story, and by blood I mean the pin pricks of endless samples haha.
With Wildflowers, I wanted to design a collection that complimented our hand painted prints, our lemon checker, our sugar plum, our spring berry, dusty blue and buttercup all have one thing in common- they are customer lead, nature inspired and every brush stroke was done with LOVE.

Our in-store event was such a beautiful evening- I'm always supported by local customers, friends and family and it's just so beautiful to see how much people care , love and believe in what I do…. Makes me wanna cry every time!!
I had this beautiful vision of all our parcels having beautiful vintage laces weaved with natural twine and nice raw textured brown paper - something so beautiful about this! 
Our beautiful swing tags and garment labels have been a huge process in the making- we wanted to elevate our pieces and have our brand name really feel strong and compliment our garments on the boutique floors and in your hearts 💘

 My beautiful staff always are working hard, inspiring me and caring so much about our oak meadow community. I'm so grateful to have such beautiful women in my work life!  

Yvonne always inspires us with her beautiful cooking of food and dessert. Yvonne brought to life floral rice paper cups and beautiful edible floral rice paper rolls. Yvonne has been a close friend of mine since I first became a mother, and we share a beautiful friendship. 

It's so nice to bring Yvonne into my work life and have her bring her grace, beauty and incredible cooking. 


I never expected Wildflowers to be such a success in such a short amount of time and I feel so proud and overwhelmed and just so happy! Hard work does pay off when you lead with our heart and follow your intuition, thank you for always choosing, supporting and loving Oak Meadow

And most of all for believing in me!  

Thank you xoxo