Oak Meadow Clothing - Ethical and Sustainable slow fashion clothing

A woman sits by herself bathing in the warm Spring sunshine, all around her she is aware of Mother Nature’s sounds, smells and blooming spring delights. Sweet pea and sea holly gently coming into view, soft pastel hues gracing the earth. She slowly gets up and walks barefoot onto the grass dancing to the song only she knows. Her dress moves with her and she closes her eyes. She is lost in her world. She is standing in her truth, all knowing and all powerful; this is a love story to herself.

The Oak Meadow brand represents the spirited women who are comfortable with their natural self. We provide honest work and are mindful of the environmental impacts which the fashion industry can produce therefore we are self-aware and do our best to provide sustainable options.

Oak Meadow’s dainty and unique floral-inspired garments are designed to highlight the worthy women who love the natural elements as much as we do.

We are devoted to being a safe and judgement-free brand that is inclusive of all.

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