On Set Of A Floral Wander

On Set Of A Floral Wander

Launching A Floral Wander this Autumn Season, I had the privilege to work with creators Donna Stain, Tara Samuelson, and Tess Guinery to creatively capture and story-tell through the most captivating imagery.

Reflecting on the shoot, I had a conversation with Donna who described the experience as nothing short of magical. She recounted moments where Tess would twirl, expressing genuine freedom, and in those fleeting moments, something pure and powerful would unfold before their lenses.

This spontaneous shoot was orchestrated effortlessly, and I couldn't have entrusted anyone more than Donna, Tara, and Tess with sharing my message of Oak Meadow through this imagery.

Enjoy these moments that truly encapture the essence of not only A Floral Wander, But Oak Meadow.

Every flower, delicately bound to another, reflects the pinnacle of craftsmanship by Flower Architect Donna Stain.
In weaving our Autumn tale, Tara seamlessly captures the narrative of A Floral Wander, capturing both its essence and my heart.
In the heart of Northern Rivers, NSW, this enchanting campaign was a fleeting and meaningful experience. With Oak Meadow's origins rooted in Byron Bay, shooting locally is always a dream come true. Our home is a constant source of inspiration. The girls discovered this Stained Gallery, adding to the allure of our Autumn story.
"Notorious selfie in the Stain Playground mirror, Did I ever mention that this place has an essence of home for me..." Tess
Donna meticulously crafts the props, from the enchanting chrysanthemum hat to delicate floral-sewn wire ribbon, infusing each piece with a touch of whimsy and elegance.
In the midst of play and laughter, Donna, Tara, and Tess worked seamlessly to capture the essence of A Floral Wander. Every frame was a testament to their dedication and passion for their craft.