Behind The Scenes Of Our Moonflower Launch

Behind The Scenes Of Our Moonflower Launch

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Our winter story is finally here and out into the world! Moon flower is such a special collection that symbolises rebirth, change and the true power of regeneration. 
I still pinch myself every time I get the chance to release another incredible collection for you all. Designing clothes is a dream come true, and most of you have been with me on this journey from the beginning, thank you…

As always here at Oak Meadow we work with our talented artists who had paint our prints to life. The process of what we do here with hand painted prints plays such a huge role in all our garments. Our prints hold a story, a feeling and most of all power. Hand painted prints ensures our garments are unique and, we believe strongly in keeping the textile world alive.  

We launched our winter story in our Byron Bay boutique for the first time ever!
It was truly magic. It was exciting to plan this, but I also was very nervous,
so I sat down with a coffee and my dearest friend Yvonne Deitch, and I asked
her to bring to life my story.

Yvonne being the absolute creator of love and life did exactly this
and boughtmy Moonflower story to life.
Yvonne made beautiful giant tissue paper flowers using our recycled tissue paper and they were decorated all throughout our boutique.
Yvonne made beautiful Moonflower cookies, nasturtium rice paper rolls and lemon yogurt cakes with edible butterflies.

See recipe here for Yvonne’s nasturtium rice paper rolls

I want to personally thank Yvonne and my team for bringing to life my
Story and most of all supporting me. I was so nervous, and everyone
was so incredibly helpful.

To all the beautiful guests who attended and shared their beautiful
thoughtsand support, thank you. You all looked incredibly beautiful in
our Moonflower pieces.

I can’t believe this is our second ever winter collection to launch within our women’s range, it’s such a milestone to be standing here after all the covid hurdles and the huge disaster of local floods here. I am so proud that we continue to love and work with passion and great strength as one big family. Thank you always for your eternal love and support.