Elephant Freedom Shorties
This season we have teamed up with the amazing and talented Rosie Harbottle. Together we have created something more than just a garment, it is a design with a strong message and a goal to ‘be the change’. Rosie and...
$44.95 $20.00
Cactus Sunrise Shorts
The sun is rising and the wind is still. The bougainvillea runs along old wooden doors and there is cacti growing wild everywhere. The pathway from our home to the beach has so much beauty. The wild cactus is so...
$49.95 $30.00
Cacti Shorties
$44.95 $20.00
Cacti Shorties
A cross between bloomers and shorts these beauties are made for comfort. Our cacti shorties are a hand painted design from our magical artist. She puts a lot of time into these beautiful designs. Inspired by the cacti in Indonesia...
$44.95 $20.00
Indigo Batik Boardies
Our Indigo Batik Boardies are inspired by Indonesia at heart. Batik has been created in Indonesia for centuries & holds a huge amount of cultural meaning. Our board shorts are made with a quick dry fabric and a small touch...
$49.00 $29.00
Paisley Dreams Boardies (black ties)
Inspired by sunny days in Bechino (Tasmania) and eating huge amounts of wild blackberries that nestled along the coast. We ate so many wild black berries until our hands were stained the gorgeous plum colour you find in these shorts. ...
$49.95 $20.00
Sweetness Aubergine [Duo or Separates]
Sweetness fills the air, the soft flowers move gently with the breeze. The colours of aubergine fill up the world with love & kindness. The sweetness aubergine duo is a beautiful two piece set that you will fall deep in...
$79.95 from $40.00
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