Dreaming of Prairie

Dreaming of Prairie is a celebration of all women and the underlying grace, style and elegance of feminine form, a collection of garments strewn with vintage florals, lovingly designed to make women feel radiant and embrace the natural beauty that lives within each and every one of us.

Each timeless piece was designed to nurture and inspire, to make you feel confident, care-free and at one with yourself and nature. To dance through streams, run across fields and let your wildest dreams come to life. I have always been drawn to sweeping prairie fields, garden florals and a sun-kissed summer day and I have tried to gather all those emotions into a collection that I adore, and I hope you do too. Our hand-painted florals cover an alluring and sustainable ramie fabric which is made from the softest natural fibres and we only use natural dyes, making each unique piece eco-friendly and incredibly soft. Mother Earth has provided a gorgeous colour palette this season of lustful reds, soft browns, blues and creams. Come and welcome Prairie with us and celebrate all her natural beauty.

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