Lady of the Lake

Wander into the forest and come to the lake where the still water is a mirror, reflecting the sky and the moonlight and all your wildest dreams.

Here the forest ladies live in dappled light; ethereal beauties walking amongst trees, bathing with fallen flowers, sleeping in rhythm with the sun and the seasons. They are earth maidens and warriors, stewards of the forest, keepers of secrets. They are the feminine, the glorious, the carefree ones.

This winter Oak Meadow brings you a collection inspired by all the elements of the earth. Our three hero pritns reflect the true message at heart which is "connecting to the earth" and our mission is to reconnect you with the world and yourself through our garments.

You will see soft cotton, timeless shapes and billowy blouses. Longer sleeves add a little extra warmth & delicate details signify the love and care imbued in each and every piece. Wear Oak Meadow this winter and let yourself be one with nature.

All Oak Meadow garments are made in our fair trade studio, we source only the best quality of cotton and ensure its path is the most sustainable one we lead. The importance of slow fashion, the wellness of the world, and how we create is the true Oak Meadow ethos.

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