Welcome to the everlasting life of Flora, a girl who wonders through dreams and dances across a sea of wild and magical garden beds, where the flowers are untamed and have a mind of their own, yet capture hearts with unparalleled beauty, wonder and strength.

She dares to go into the depths of her soul, beyond any comfort known to man to explore the wonders that await only the brave and daring. Flora is a collection that celebrates the strength, whimsy and wonder that lives within all of us, the desire to explore the unknown head-on without a care or worry. She will wander through fields of wildflowers, explore beyond sundown and dance through twilight moments in search of a magical moment in time.

Designed to nurture our curiosity and inspire, Flora has been created with Mother Nature in mind, only using the most sustainable fabrics and crafting in our fair-trade studio. We are so very excited to be bringing you some never before seen styles that we have poured countless hours into. I truly adore this collection and I know you will too. Come with me and explore the untamed beauty that is Flora.xx

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