Our intention as a brand is anchored in sustainability, we are committed to creating sustainable designs and positive change in the fashion industry. This is grounded in the idea to use less and love more. 

Each Oak Meadow collection is made-to-order, helping to reduce any unnecessary waste and the subsequent environmental impact. However, sustainability is a journey, we are constantly working to innovate and refine our processes so that we can start to move beyond sustainability and towards healing Mother Earth.


Natural Fibres

All materials take from our planet, but some are more sustainable than others. We work with the most sustainable fibres we can while staying true to our commitment to quality garments. We are always reviewing our fabrics and how they are farmed, sourced and manufactured to ensure our commitment to sustainability is being upheld. Every garment is a reflection of our mission to honour Mother Earth and those who reside here. By using natural fibres, we are working towards regeneration, creating from the ground up.


Hand Painted Fabrics

We collaborate with artists worldwide who bring to life our designs, sketching and hand-painting our prints. A story of spirited women, Mother Earth and nostalgia unfolds with each floral motif. Reminiscent of a water-colour painting, our fabrics are both breathtaking and unique. We invest a lot of time in creating our prints; they are one of a kind and bring something special to your wardrobe. 

Love and thought goes into each step of the design process. We have an in-house design team here in the Northern Rivers of Australia, who draw and create our patterns from scratch. In order to maintain the quality in every seam, button and stitch, every stage of the process is thoughtful and considered - all working together to create unique, timeless pieces that celebrate femininity. 


Less Waste

Oak Meadow’s deep love for signature prints has led us to digital printing as a sustainable method of waste minimisation. This method of printing textiles offers production on demand, which allows us to make each garment to order, without delay. Digital printing reduces excess waste that can occur through the design process and its production has a very low carbon footprint. Oak Meadow is proud to have zero fabric wastage, using any offcuts to create smaller garments, garment bags, clashing print dresses and beeswax wraps.


Fair Trade

Our ethical practices within our supply chain are a core part of our mission to support women. According to Fair Trade, 80% of garment workers globally are female. Through our strict fair trade policy, we provide safe working conditions, Australian award wages, equal opportunities for advancement in the workplace and representation in ownership and leadership. We truly value each and every one of our workers, forging mutually beneficial relationships that ensure the love that we have for them, filters through to the love in which our garments are created. 


100% Compostable 

There is beauty in the lifecycle of a flower, growing in harmony with the earth from which it came, when its life comes to an end, the flower returns to the soil providing sustenance for another plant to grow. It is this lifecycle from which we create, working from the ground up. We use environmentally conscious packaging - from the recycled tissue paper that we wrap our garments in and the recycled thank you cards, through to the 100% compostable postage packs that may be returned to the earth.


Slow Fashion

With a slow fashion ethos, we release concise and considered collections that are made to last, placing an emphasis on quality over quantity. We spare no expense in our production process, electing for techniques that take more time but produce a higher quality product. We don’t design with trends in mind, but rather create timeless pieces in classic silhouettes and endlessly wearable prints, intended to carry you through every stage of life before being passed down for another to love. Each piece tells the story of spirited women and is illustrated by the nature that inspired the design.

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Like a flower that grows from its deep roots, nurtured by the sun and rain before blossoming - our garments are designed to stand the test of time, supporting and nurturing you through each stage of life.