Production & Sustainability

“ The rate at which we are producing, consuming and discarding clothing is putting unnecessary strain on Mother Earth.
At Oak Meadow, we hope to make the transition to mindful consumption an easy one.”


Production processes that are kinder to Mother Earth. We do not use toxic chemicals to speed up production, and embrace the beneficial environmental impact of slow fashion processes.

Natural Fabrics

We have introduced beautiful new fabrics to our recent and upcoming collections, that are gentle on the planet. We are devoted to using sustainable fabrics which leave a lighter environmental footprint. Here at Oak Meadow we always choose to work with natural fabrics.

Natural Dyes

Non-toxic, natural dyes that are mindfully discarded and utilised in slow dying practices without the use of chemicals to quicken the colouring process.

Less Waste

We have transitioned from screen printing to digital printing, which was important to Oak Meadow with our deep love for beautifully printed garments. Digital printing has a much lighter environmental impact resulting in far less waste.


Better garment quality and design with longevity in mind, which means far less contribution to landfill.

Fair Trade

Safe and fair working environments, for every worker, always. No matter the location, all of our workers are paid above Australian award wage. We truly value each of our workers, and through our strict fair trade policy we receive only the best quality, lovingly made garments created by our talented, happy workers. All international working environments are regularly visited by us to ensure they remain of the highest standard for our amazing team.

100% Compostable

Environmentally conscious packaging. We use recycled tissue paper for wrapping of garments, recycled thank you cards and 100% compostable postage packs.

Slow Fashion

Small, slow releases of our collections. We put so much time and love into everything we create; each piece tells a story and illustrated the inspiration behind each design. We create pieces to be loved across seasons, and passed down over a lifetime.

Practices oak meadow embraces,
for the future of mother earth

- Digital communications and record keeping.

- Use of production facilities that utilise recycled water.

- Mindful use of leftover materials; we use fabric offcuts for small garments such as bloomers and beeswax wraps.

- Ongoing charitable support of environmental and wildlife causes, causes that will always remain close to our heart.

- Our wonderful Oak Meadow team work remotely to lower the negative environmental effects associated with transport and unnecessary travel to the studio.

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