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Women’s blush knit~Pre order
pre~orders will be due in 4-5 weeks, please note our knitters in Peru are working from home as they always do each year for our winter production.  Hand crafted all the way from Peru using traditional fibres and artisanal techniques...
Rosamund linen set
Ode to Motherhood is a celebration of feminine energy, inherent creativity and universal strength. This floral collection of whimsical designs is for the mothers and daughters, the sisters and friends.  A first ever design of it's type for Oak Meadow...
Rosamund Frill Top
Introducing our Rosamund Frill Top,  From our new Ode to Motherhood collection. Our Rosamund is a perennial staple garment in celebration of feminine energy.Our beautiful, simple mini top with slight frill feature is not a piece to be worn for a single...
Rosamund Mini Dress
Introducing our Rosamund Mini, for our latest Ode to Motherhood collection. The Rosamund is a perennial piece, in celebration of feminine energy. Made from natural cotton viole in our fair trade studio, we have now introduced double lining so no slip...
Rosamund tea dress
our beautiful dresses sold out in less than two weeks, so we have done a tiny restock for those who missed out  pre orders due around 4 weeks.. xx  Introducing our Rosamund Tea Dress, 'tea' being a mid-19th century term...
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